How to login?

Step 1

Go to FB Vivo Liker's home and click "Get Access Token" button. If you see an Ads, wait 5 seconds and click the "Skip" button.

Step 2

Before Generate Token With this Auto Liker app Login Facebook On This Browser In New Tab.

Step 3

Come Back On Generate Token page and see Step 1. You Just Enter your Facebook registered email/mobile number/username and password of your Facebook account, and click "Get Access Token" button.

Step 4

Copy the All Frame code, and click "Done Copying, Next step." button.

Step 5

Paste Copy code (Access Token), and click "Login" button.

Note: Your Copy Code Check if details are correct then show welcome alert and redirect to Your App Dashboard.

Step 6

On this page, you Verify Image Security Code/Captcha Code means you see Captch picture and enter captcha code and click "Submit" Button.

Step 7

You Just See Your Account Details and for you, this app clicks "Use App" button and select what you want to you.

Q 1. How does FB Vivo Liker work?

FB Vivo Liker is an automatic exchange system. for example, you will received likes from this platform (vivoliker.com), and your account will be part of this platform to give likes to other users, means you give likes then you receive likes and this all actions will be done automatically by your access token.

Q 2. Is Auto Liker Safe?

Yes, vivoliker.com Is A Safe Social Media Exchange Tool Or Feature & Which Is The Most Secure Auto Liker Working On Facebook API Graph. for more details read why FB Vivo Liker safe?.

Q 3. Why Facebook forced me to change Facebook password?

It's natural. when fb detect any unusual activity in your account then for security reason forced to you change password.

Q 4. Why My Account logged in other device and unrecognized location?

We logged in your account, duh!? we do this to validate and get information from your account in order to deliver our service.

Q 5. How To get My Facebook Status/post/photo ID"s?

Status/posts ID :- Status/posts id FB Vivo Liker

Photo ID :- photo id FB Vivo Liker

Open the Status in a tab and your URL will be something like this - 'https://www.facebook.com/username/posts/1893479550700318' The Red Color Part There is your post/status ID In Photo Or Video Post - 'https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1893479550700318&set=a.153777571337200xxxxxxx' The Color part you see is your ID.

Still having trouble?

Kindly contact us.

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