Why Safe FB Vivo Liker ?

vivoliker.com is a facebook safe auto like social media exchange tool or feature & which is the most secure auto liker working on facebook API Graph.

  • We Trusted Worldwide Since 2011 And don't Save Any Facebook Account Login And Password Data On Our Database And Any Information You Enter Here Is Highly Secure, no selling of your data or your access token, no picture of disclosure, no logging unwanted data. No need to take the trouble of delete unwanted update.

  • FB Vivo Liker has been offering a free service since years and also you purchase paid for our tools services with low and cheapest price of money.

  • if you log in on vivoliker.com by mistake & you want to delete your account with your all details from our database, You just have to contact us anytime with a request to remove your data and we will remove it permanently.

  • vivoliker.com Website Never Spam By Any facebook Post Share, Any facebook Post Update, Any Post Comments, Any Invite Account, not post anything in a group, wall or page & all Tools Are Totally 100% Spam Free And Safe Also. We Want Your Trust Only. We only use your access tokens for liking post, giving reactions to other posts & following other users.

  • most important We Use All Token After 1 Minutes Interval So Facebook Never Detect Unusual Activity And Not your facebook account Lock by this website, If you're using multiple websites of auto liker at the same time you will get your facebook account locked by Facebook and forcing you to change the password. many times Temperley block facebook account Not Our Responsibility.

  • 1 million people choose vivoliker.com and TRUSTED since 2011.

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